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IM Injection

I Injections offers all the benefits of vitamin IV therapy in a more convenient and time efficient way. Offering less fluid and more vitamins an injection is an ideal solution for those needing maximum results. Benefits are felt immediately.

Athletic Performance

This injection is for athletic performance and recovery.  Can be given either pre and post workout. For competitions can be given twice before and once after. 

What's inside? Amino Blend, B Complex and B12. 

Energy Battery Pack

Increases energy, combats fatigue and helps reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia. Improves metabolism and helps with weight loss. Boots immune and improves sleep.  Can be given weekly as needed for energy boost. Whats inside?  B Complex and B12.

B12 Injection

B12 is known to increase energy. It also helps your body burn fat, it turn carbohydrates into energy and manufactures new protein. Can be given weekly as needed for an energy boost.

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