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IM Injections

IM Injections offer all the benefits of vitamin IV therapy in a more convenient and time efficient way. Offering less fluid and just vitamins, an injection is the solution for those who need maximum results and are short on time. Benefits are felt immediately.

The Skinny Shot

Lipostat / MIC consists of Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. Methionine helps catalyze the break down of fat, lower cholesterol and it is a great antioxidant. Inositol increases insulin sensitivity leading to weight loss.  It can also decrease anxiety and alleviate mild-moderate depression. Choline is a plays an important role in lipid (fat) metabolism and aids in fighting against fat deposits.  Make it the ultimate skinny by adding B12.

Energy Boost

B12 is known to increase energy. It also helps your body burn fat, it turn carbohydrates into energy and manufactures new protein. Can be given weekly as needed for an energy boost.

The Ultimate Skinny 

The Ultimate Skinny has the same ingredients as The Skinny, with the extra boost of B12. B12 also improves focus and boosts the immune system. Some even say it can enhance mood and slow aging. B12 is vital to red blood cell production and nerve health.

Athletic Performance

This injection is for athletic performance and recovery.  Can be given either pre and post workout. For competitions can be given twice before and once after.  Indicated for  sports - running, cycling, swimming, soccer, football, motorsports, sky diving, and much more. 

Energy Battery Pack

Increases energy, combats fatigue and helps reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia. Improves metabolism and helps with weight loss. Boots immune and improves sleep.  Can be given weekly as needed for energy boost. High dose B12 and B complex energize your body.  We only use the ACTIVATED form of B12, not cyanocobalamin. Not only does this form have cyanide, it is an extremely inefficient form for the body to actually use.

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