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"I recently had Christine inject Juvederm in my lips and several places within my face. I feel and look 10 years younger. She was extremely patient with me and it definitely did not hurt. I highly recommend Christine for any uplifting and rejuvenating to your face."


"Christine made me feel so comfortable since I had never had any Botox or filler injections. The Juvéderm results were instantaneous and I loved it!! The Botox took a few days, as expected. The experience was basically painless, and the results were/are AMAZING!  She told me I’d be hooked once I saw all the results after a few days and she was right!!!"


“I received Botox from Christine and my experience was flawless.  She is well versed in the process, she provided knowledgable suggestions as to where the injection should be given and she made sure the whole process was practically painless. I would highly recommend her!”


“Christine started an IV on me and I got a drip for the first time! She was great and I feel better. I will be back.”
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