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Just in time for the Holidays!
Get a jump start on your weight loss journey!

The Skinny Shot Package $60 - includes five injections

(Regular price $75) 



How quickly or slowly you lose weight depends on your metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which food is converted into energy on the body. If you have high metabolism you will burn calories faster. The opposite is also true, and if your metabolism is slow, you will burn less and store more fat. Lipotropic MIC injections can contribute significantly to shifting this balance and ensuring that your body burns fat faster.

If you have been losing weight steadily but have suddenly hit a plateau, skinny shots can help you cross this barrier to losing weight more efficiently.

Other than helping you with fat loss, lipotropic Injections boost your energy levels, helping you to keep up with a rigorous fitness routine.

They also have numerous other benefits such as improving moods, cognitive function, red blood cell production, and hormonal balance.

Skinny Shots are for aggressive weight/fat loss should be given once weekly.

*Packages can be purchased through 12/30/2022* 

 *New clients only*

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