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Everything You Wanted to Know About IV Vitamins... and More!

IV therapy offers the most efficient method of delivery of vitamins and minerals into your body, allowing them to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream to provide near-instant revitalization. Unlike oral supplements, which require time for your body to break down and absorb, our customizable cocktails of vitamins and minerals get to work immediately in your system. Vitamins that are taken by mouth must be broken down in the stomach and digestive tract before they reach the bloodstream, and are only absorbed at a rate of about 20 percent. Vitamins given through an IV have a much higher absorption rate — nearly 100 percent. Making them much more potent than oral supplements.  IV nutrients are a safe and effective way to optimize health, improve focus, reduce inflammation, support the immune system and prevent chronic disease.  They may also help manage symptoms from a wide range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, and fatigue, to name a few.   

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy: 
  •   Boost general immune function.  

  •   Improve energy levels to combat fatigue

  •   Boost metabolism to aid weight loss

  •   Boost athletic performance

  •   Rapid & direct rehydration

  •   Aid recovery from illness or injury

  •   Aid recovery following surgical procedures

  •   Build nutrition from within

  •   Enhance the appearance of skin & hair

  •   Boost physical & mental wellness

  •   Detoxification from the inside out

  •  Relax the mind, body & relieve stress

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